Softness of mist, sparks of life, memories...

Robert Gérard is a naturalist painter of international renown, whose style and technique represent a unique blend of North American figurative Art and the plastic modernity of our time.

An hymn to life, the work of Gérard is first and foremost a representation of his family and his familiar surroundings. Along the way, his great curiosity, his perpetual quest of close contact with nature and his many exhibitions abroad have widened his field of exploration. The viewer is now transported from America to Europe and Africa by his paintings, mainly by one of his favorite subjects, horses.

Gérard's paintings work like an emotional ebb and flow. The artist floods the canvas with a colourful tide, giving the painting its emotional range. This first step, achieved through the techniques of dripping, tachisme and dilution, is realised in a very spontaneous way, free of most constraints. This color surge, like an echo, awakens the viewer's senses and memories to suggest at once the atmosphere and mystery of the painting. The subject slowly emerges from this chromatic effervescence, revealed through the pigment. It frees itself with great vividness from the abstraction, in a realist manner.

Blown from the heart of the canvas, subjects from Gérard's pictorial universe are calling directly to us, either by the depth of a stare, the disarming minimalism of a landscape or the astonishing expression of an animal, all this for the purpose of showing nature's splendor and subtleties and, above all, to let the viewer recollect. If the subject conjures up life, its juxtaposition with a great pictorial freedom deliberately draws the viewer's attention to the essence of the theme, the source of emotion. As for the refinement of the composition, it gives way to the imagination. Following the rythm of the seasons, Gérard's eye looks with perspicacity at a world to be rediscovered.