In nature it take shape. My work shapes itself from nature

Nature is my raw material, my source of inspiration. Beyond brushes, shapes and colours, nature brings me to my roots and helps me keep my balance. Nature shapes me, holds and protects me.

In nature I take shape.

I have been travelling all over the world for a long time, looking for my own footprints. Curious and perceptive, I tread upon other people’s soil and went to meet them. I watched the animals and learned from their wisdom. I have felt the raw material where we are allowed to live. I dove into this complex and fragile, unique and dazzling universe that is our planet Earth. All along this journey, I realised that nature and animals live in unison with the Earth’s rhythm. For us, it is more often than not a separate life. This thought is the starting point of my reflection and my artistic work.

In an earlier trip to South America, my paintings were primarily focused on people. Living within a culture different than mine lead me to look for individuals. But when I was in Africa, it was the combination of both the majesty and the fragility of its fauna and flora that awed and overwhelmed me. I wanted to paint Africa to better understand it and give it continuity. With my work, I want to pay homage and bear witness to this greatness taking shape all around us.

My painting’s aesthetics is voluntarily simple. Looking into my emotional memory, I proceed first very freely in elaborating the environment. I use and combine various pictural techniques according to the feelings I want to express. My movement is then very expressive. Only after this does me principal subject, more realistic in its construction, lays itself on the pure initial abstraction. My subjects are depicted in such a way that the emphasis is on the raw emotion of the moment seized.

Each painting possesses its own intensity, its own rhythm given by its chromatic elements. In my work, I try to explore the changes of a colour, in the tone and rhythm, when it is next to another colour.
I play with pigments, so they become exactly what I had in mind when I first thought about the painting. I take into account the time factor related to each emotion expressed on the canvas. Colour and form then become one. Gesture is my intention. Colour is my emotion. From their communion, vibrations take form, acting as an infrasonic music scattering all over the surface of the painting. It’s like a white gesture becoming the song of the canvas and transporting us with its suggestive power.  

At first glance, my work seems to bring people far away, to other continents. But in fact, they take shape much closer, in the heart of everyone of us. With my paintings, I would like to give people the opportunity to start their own interior journey, seizing the day.

My work now shapes itself from Nature.